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COVID-19 Safety 

Updated 03/01/21


State of Ohio COVID-19 Mandates

Governor Mike DeWine has held other press conferences announcing new curfews and mandates for businesses. To stay consistent with the Mandate, we will be enforcing these measures:

  1. Masks should be worn while in the Club unless a member is seated and actively consuming food or beverage.

  2. Drinks can only be ordered while a member is seated. No drink orders may be placed at the bar while standing.

  3. No dancing or congregating in groups

  4. The three primary measures remain - social distancing, hand washing, and mask-wearing

In addition to these, we are further enforcing other measures to optimize our internal environment which is operational during hours of occupancy:

  1. Ozone Generator System

  2. Portable HEPA filter systems

  3. Ceiling Fans

By intently following the Mandates, we are hoping to do our part in lowering the number of cases around Ohio. We will continue to evaluate the current state mandates and vaccination rates and will adjust our policies in accordance with local and state guidelines. We thank you for your cooperation and help in keeping our community safe!

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