Strategic Boating Initiative  

Update from Strategic Boating Initiative Team 


As many of you know, the Boating Initiative Committee has assigned a sub-committee the task of resurrecting One-Design sailboat racing at Atwood YC.  This is a progress report letting everyone know where we are to date.


We have determined that the classes we want to focus on are the MC Scow, the Thistle, and the Sunfish.  All three fill a different need, are healthy non-declining classes, are affordable, and enable the participant to compete at the regional and national level.


Class Summaries and Advantages:

MC Scow – 16 ft. Cat rig. (

  • Can be sailed alone or with spouse or child in a breeze.  Many ladies and juniors competing. 

  • A good supply of used boats available from $1,800 to $17,000 new.  

  • 104 fleets in 23 states and Canada.  

  • Extremely fast and sporty.


Status: This spring, we will have 4 boats racing on Sundays.  At least 2-3 will be loaned out each weekend to proficient sailors to race in our Club races.  The intent is to introduce people to the boat and the MC racing experience so hopefully, they will buy a boat to help build the fleet.  Anyone interested in sailing one of the loaners, please contact Bruce Moore.


Thistle – 17 ft. Sloop rig with spinnaker. (

  •  Can be sailed with two or three people.  Many family teams compete.

  • Many fleets across the country.

  • Planes in 10 – 12 knots of wind.


Status:  We have reached out to the regional Thistle class officers and they are eager to introduce our sailors to the Thistle experience and get our people out in the boat.

Sunfish – 13' 9” Cat rig. (

  •  Sailed with a crew of one or two.

  •  Excellent starter boat.

  •  Largest one-design active class in the world.

  •  Very affordable.

Status:  We introduced the Adult Racing Program last summer and it was a huge success.  On one Sunday, we had 17 participants on the starting line.  We plan to continue and expand the program in the summer of 2018.


AYC’s New Spring (One Design) Regatta:

Atwood Yacht Club will be hosting a Spring Regatta, April 28 – 29, 2018, to generate interest in One-Design sailing.  Classes racing will be MC’s and Thistles.  Please plan to attend, and volunteers interested in helping out will certainly be welcome.



An ongoing instruction program will also be available.  If you are willing to put in the time, we will make you competitive!



We are committed to bringing One-Design racing back to Atwood.  If you have never tried it please do so, there is nothing like it.  Our Sunday racing schedule will also enable our keel boat sailors to participate as well.

If anyone is interested in racing or buying one of these boats, please contact Bruce Moore.  Now is the time to buy a boat because there are an abundance of used, affordable boats available.


Contact information:

Bruce Moore


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