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The Main Sail Brewery was established in 1994. The original system brewed up to 10 barrels, allowing the Atwood Yacht Club to give their members unique craft beers.

Brewmaster Curt Adams crafted many beers over the years, including ales, lagers, porters, and American wheat beers. His beloved recipes for the Main Sail Blonde and Main Sail Scottish Ale have been a staple for over 20 years now.

After Curt's retirment in 2020, Josh Hunker and Sean Hinkle have picked up the role of Brewmaster. They have installed a new 5 barrel system, allowing them to brew more frequently, offering a wider variety of flavors. 


Main Sail brews are kept on a rotating tap, allowing us to serve both our Main Sail Classic beers and new seasonal flavors.​

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