Main Sail Brewery 

  At the Main Sail Brewery, members and guests can observe the creation of delicious small-batch beers as they are created in-house by Brewmaster, Curt Adams. The Brewery is housed in a windowed room adjacent to our expansive Main Sail Lounge bar, allowing Atwood Yacht Club patrons the opportunity to watch the beer making process from start to finish.



The Main Sail Brewery has been an historic part of Atwood Yacht Club since its installation in 1995.  Since then, 92 batches of hand-crafted beer have been produced for and enjoyed by AYC's members.



With each batch of hand-crafted beer taking 5-6 weeks to make from start to finish, the Main Sail Brewery produces

four to five batches per year.  Each batch yields approximately 300 gallons of beer or 24 kegs.


The Main Sail Brewery currently produces two distinct and delicious beers, Scottish Ale and Main Sail Blonde.


    Full-bodied and coppery, our Scottish Ale is a smooth & deep dark beer with slightly sweet undertones of rich malt and hops.  It is delicious served with grilled beef or salmon.  Main Sail Blonde is a crisp, refreshing drinkable style of beer, and a step above many popular bottled beers.  This beer pairs well with a wide range of foods,

but especially goes great with a pizza or burger.


  Many patrons enjoy combining the two beers into a "Half & Half", and garnishing the delectable

concoction with an orange slice!

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